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The Red Sea

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Be the first to experience our true nature..

Be the first to experience our true nature

Be the first to discover our pristine nature and unique experiences at The Red Sea off Saudi Arabia's coast.

Enjoy our luxurious resorts and hospitality inspired by our nature.

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Be the First to Book an Eid Desert Escape

Savor the Spectacular Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea.

Be the first to embrace the serene beauty of the desert this Eid Al Adha with an exclusive offer at Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea. Dive into an oasis of relaxation and adventure with this special half-board package, designed to immerse you in the enchanting landscapes and soothing ambiance of the dunes.

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Be the first to experience our true nature..

Be the first to experience our true nature

Be the first to discover our pristine nature and unique experiences at The Red Sea off Saudi Arabia's coast.

Enjoy our luxurious resorts and hospitality inspired by our nature.

Start your journey now

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Be the First to Experience Ultimate Summer Luxury

Indulge in ultimate luxury at our prestigious The Red Sea resorts. Choose a half-board offer from the serene Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea or 20% discounts at the elegant The St Regis Red Sea Resort, and the exclusive Nujuma, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve to elevate your summer experience.

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Explore a hidden world of wonder

Explore a hidden world of wonder off the Saudi Arabian coast. Let the journey flow into an emerald archipelago. Over shores of white sand. Across lunar landscapes and dormant volcanoes. You'll find us where luxury and nature meet.

Woman enjoying a swim in a pool, surrounded by grand, majestic mountains.
A couple is relishing the sunny weather at the Red Sea resorts, surrounded by palm trees and lush greenery. They are lounging under shades, designed to reflect the region's natural formations and cultural heritage. These shades are made from various materials that reflects the natural features of the pristine island.
swimmer enjoying the stunning underwater scenery. near a coral reef, surrounded by vibrant marine life.
E-foiling adventure in the Red Sea! Man effortlessly glides on an electric surfboard across turquoise waves.
A majestic lionfish gracefully navigating through a colorful coral reef.
A couple sipping Saudi coffee amidst the diverse nature of the Red Sea.
A breathtaking view of towering mountains enveloped by clouds, with sun rays illuminating the peaks in a canvas bursting with colors.
Mesmerizing desert sunset with sand dunes stretching into the horizon.

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Escape the ordinary and enjoy an unforgettable Eid

Celebrate Eid in ultimate style with a luxury escape to the mesmerizing tranquility of The Red Sea. Reconnect with loved ones through our special offer: two nights of transformational experiences at the stunning Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea.

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Discover a precious gift

A landscape host to countless gems – and some of the world’s most spectacular resorts

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Two hikers stand atop a giant rock, dwarfed by towering mountains.

Experience new delights

Walk in the footsteps of ancient traders, with 130km of trails to explore. Dine in the desert, camp in the mountains, and watch as stars cross the clear night sky. Experience the awe-inspiring desert from new heights.

A group of performers showcase traditional Red Sea coastal folk music and dance  (Yanbu'i).

Get lost in the magic of Saudi

Experience a culture passed down through generations. Go mobile, visiting us in the deserts and mountains, or return to the bustling hubs that bring our world together. Seasonal events mark the passing of the year. Others, like Bedouin ceremonies, haven’t changed for centuries.

 A thriving coral ecosystem features colorful and diverse corals in the Red Sea.

Untouched areas of natural beauty

Home to nine conservation zones, it is filled with rare flora and fauna. We have left 75% of our 90 plus islands untouched, only developing 22 of them. The rest we’ve left to nature.

A couple enjoying their time swimming in Red Sea resorts, surrounded by stunning natural scenery.

Luxury comes in many forms

The glow of the morning sun. The memory of a perfect dish. The peace of a deserted beach. Luxury comes in many forms. Here, you can explore each with us, in resorts that meet your every need.

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Experience a new adventure

The Red Sea is 500km north of Jeddah, between the Saudi towns of AlWajh and Umluj. With its own dedicated Red Sea International airport, the destination is easily accessible to visitors from around the world. And at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, 250 million people are just a three-hour flight away.

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Our landscapes are as varied as they are breathtaking

Dip your toes in warm turquoise waters. Explore Cliffside caves in mountain panoramas. Or leave momentary footprints in shifting desert dunes. Whatever your preference, fly to Red Sea International Airport and choose from a diverse array of breathtaking landscape

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Protect what Matters

Protect what Matters

Idyllic islands brimming with wildlife. Stunning landscapes filled with secrets of the past. And, crystal-clear waters teeming with spectacular marine species. Discover one of the last truly untouched areas of natural beauty and help not only to protect it but enhance and regenerate it for generations to come.

Red Sea paradise captured from the sky! Stunning aerial view showcases crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches.

Pristine Islands

Discover 22 magical islands filled with rare flora and fauna, and embark on adventures like you’ve never experienced before.

Red Sea's diverse beauty, golden sand dunes shimmer beneath a vast desert sky, mountains rise in the distance.

Unspoiled In-lands

Explore dunes and mountains and take in all the wonders of breathtaking desert landscapes.

A swimmer is enjoying the captivating underwater scenery in the Red Sea, near a coral reef teeming with vibrant marine life.

Thriving Coral Reefs

Discover an ancient coral colony in the deep blue waters of The Red Sea lagoon.