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Experiences of The Red Sea

Beyond the wonder, adventure awaits



Experience new delights.

The Red Sea offers a diverse array of seamless, personalized experiences, as varied as the scenery, authentic and enriching, and respectful of ancient cultures – all in a safe, secure, and crafted manner.


Above the Water

At The Red Sea, guests can explore and learn about the diverse ecosystems and how they are impacted by light, sound, and weather patterns. The Red Sea will offer divers the chance to discover one of the world’s largest and least explored coral reefs. Activities above the water will be provided by RSG’s subsidiary brand, WAMA and include:

· Kayaking
· Canoeing
· Stand-up paddle boarding
· Foiling
· Kite surfing
· Sailing


Below the Water

Dive into pristine waters and explore the secrets of the deep. Coral reefs teeming with wildlife. Mysterious wrecks with tales untold. And, incredible marine creatures, thriving in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Brought to you by Galaxea, our extraordinary underwater experiences include:

• Scuba diving
• Padi dive courses
• Dive excursions
• Conservation dives
• Heritage diving
• Snorkeling excursions


Land and Sky

Embrace the spirit of adventure. Take to the skies and breathe in the crisp, clean air. Or remain on land and discover the dramatic beauty of granite hills, volcanic lava fields, and vast, sweeping plains. Brought to you by Akun, our diverse land and sky experiences include:

• Gravel biking
• Fat tire biking
• Electric biking
• Trail running
• Hiking
• Climbing
• Scrambling



Get lost in the magic of Saudi

The Red Sea is a place with a story to tell everyone willing to listen. Our region is crisscrossed with historic trading routes and the footprints of ancient civilizations.


Explore the streets

The cultural heritage of The Red Sea is unique and varied. The local community share their stories, craftsmanship, produce, and landscapes with our guests. Some of the cultural experiences you can expect to enjoy are:

• Art installations
• Stargazing
• Farmers’ & producers’ market
• Archeology and history trails
• Culinary experiences
• Falconry studies

Other experiences focused on nature will include astrophotography, bird watching, mangrove seeding, and turtle hatch monitoring.


The taste of wonders

Blending Tradition and innovation, infused with the warmth of Saudi hospitality, culinary delights await you here. Experience a gastronomic journey that celebrates the essence of our vibrant culture in every bite.



Untouched areas of natural beauty

Our destination is home to more than 90 pristine islands, dormant volcanoes, mountain canyons, and historical and cultural sites spanning 28,000 square kilometers. It includes the world's fourth-largest barrier reef system and lush mangrove forests.

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Luxury comes in many forms

The glow of the morning sun. The memory of a perfect dish. The peace of a deserted beach. Luxury comes in many forms. Here, you can explore each with us, in resorts that meet your every need.

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